This site is owned/operated by The Annoyance Theatre and while it is intended for the students, staff, and creators at our theatre, if requested to do so, we are also happy to pass on information to any of the other theatres/ownership in our community, if you are not comfortable reporting directly to them.  


Our primary goal for our theatre and training program is for our students and co-creators to learn about Annoyance’s approach to improv, explore their own abilities, and pursue their own creative voice in a safe environment.

If something occurs in our training program or in the process of creating a show that makes you feel unsafe or compromised, we’d like to know about it. 

Please know that we will investigate complaints to the best of our ability and pursue hearing from both sides of whatever matter is brought to our attention. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PROVIDE YOUR NAME & CONTACT INFORMATION however, please know that our investigation will be somewhat limited by not being able to further speak with you, and we will be unable to let you know about the progress of our response.  Regardless, we will follow up on all information submissions and complaints.

Thank you for communicating with us- it’s the best tool we have to ensure everyone’s safety and good time.

Please be aware that as of 3/13/2020, The Annoyance Theatre is not in operation and has no operational staff. While ownership is still working, there may be a delay in the timeliness of our response. Your response to this form will go only to Annoyance owner/Executive Producer Jennifer Estlin during this time.